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Dream It. Live It. Love It. Believe It. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[16 Apr 2006|02:46pm]
[ mood | im about to go to chelseas ]

pageant dress...
im trying to decide if i like this one or not..?

what do you think?

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[09 Apr 2006|11:11pm]
[ mood | cold ]

someCollapse )

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[29 Mar 2006|10:38pm]
[ mood | zac is cool. ]

im bored, so ill update.

i finally talked to Zac. its about time that boy called me..

&& open gym is next week at ACE & then tryouts are April 30th so im really pumped about that..

& thats about it.

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[22 Mar 2006|01:07pm]
i think im done with livejournal.

ill still comment and stuff
...i just wont update as much.
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[21 Mar 2006|04:13pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Spring Break has been great! 
i love staying up all night and sleeping in late. 
its great!
&& i love my friends. theyre awesome.

meanwhile...im ready for summer to be here.

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[17 Mar 2006|04:34pm]
[ mood | i dont know. ]

you know??

i dont even care anymore.

well, yeah i do but who cares? 
screw it.

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[14 Mar 2006|08:55pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Spring Break is NEXT week! 
im soooo excited! 
this weekend my daddy is taking me shopping & then i might be going to the beach !*($*(&^)@*(
i hope i get to spend some time with **him** over spring break.
She's the Man comes out Friday!
im defiantely going to see it. who wants to join me??

some random things:
cheerleading is over.
i want a razr phone. 
i want to buy the just friends DVD.
i want to talk to him.
my tummy hurts.
Jill is the coolest of cool.

peace out.

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I Still Have This Feeling That Wont Go Away. [12 Mar 2006|01:02pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

okay, so a lot has been going on lately. me and my mom have been talking about changing schools again. im either staying at chelsea or going to oak mountain. i hate making decisions. i have to make a decision in the next week or two...
i dont know what to do...

this weekend sucked. friday i went to the movies and saw a movie that i have seen about 3 times already. what a waste of money...
saturday was Lacey's party and i didnt get to enjoy it because i couldn't find or get intoch with my mom or my brother. i was upset and crying the whole time...
I hadn't talked to my mom since about 11 that morning and she wouldnt answer he phone & neither would andrew. i was at Lacey's house until about 9:30 and then Katie and her Dad took me to their house. finally, Andrew left the party he was at and went to home to see if he could find mom...turns out she had left her phone in the car and had fallen asleep on the couch. thank god she wasnt hurt or anything.
anyway, i hope yall had a better weekend than i did.

Bright Side -- Spring Break is next week!!!!!!!! yayyyyy!

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[05 Mar 2006|08:14pm]
[ mood | thinking about someone <3 ]

this week ought to be interesting.
cheerleading clinic is this week so i will be at school until 5:30 everyday which sucks, but hey... 

there are baseball games on tuesday and thursday, so those are always fun to go to!!
friday is Lacey's party!! im so excited!! its gonna be awesome!

...so my birthday was this past weekend. it was awesome! thanks to everyone who made it special! 
and happy birthday to my dear friend, Kaytee.

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[26 Feb 2006|10:58pm]
[ mood | giggly, yet excited =) ]

so theres this BIG present that i want...=)

plans for the rest of the week include:
wednesday - CHURCH! yay!!
thursday - school..of course and baseball games!
friday - out with my friends for my birthday, probably.
saturday - MY BIRTHDAY! ...no clue what im doing though haha
sunday - chruch and Katie and Rachels party!! yayyyy!

i love baseball season.
i love my friends.
i love spring.
i love the weather.
i love cooking with my mom.
i love making up stupid handshakes with my buddies =)
i love you.

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[25 Feb 2006|10:20pm]
[ mood | excited ]


to my black and white world

[24 Feb 2006|03:40pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

there are no words to describe how amazing God really is...
Image hosting by Photobucket
^^ that is a picture of the whirlpool galaxy.
Image hosting by Photobucket
^^ and that is a picture of the black hole down DEEP inside it.
see the Cross??
God is everywhere.
God IS everything.

The Indescribable Tour -- it says it all right there. "INDESRIBABLE"

Chris Tomlin is awesome. along with Louie Gigilo and Matt Redman.

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[20 Feb 2006|11:36am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

i want a boy...

...a boy whos not afraid to hold my hand in the hall. 
a boy that will actually talk. 
a boy that will be willing to stay in a relationship for more than a week. 
a boy that doesnt go to bed at 10 at night and will stay up and talk on the phone untill 3 in the morning. 
a boy that can stay out till 11 or 12 even when he has to get up early the next morning. 
a boy that will talk to me and not just ignore me when I sit by him. 
a boy that isnt afraid to talk to me infront of his other friends. 
a boy that isnt afraid of being tardy for class if we are talking. 
a boy that can go to late movies. 
a boy that will talk to me on the phone and not just wanna talk on the internet. 
A boy that will give me his jacket. 
A boy who will make me laugh...

the end.

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[14 Feb 2006|10:31pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

some things to look foward to...

This weekend:

thursday - out with the friends

friday - same thing

saturday - friends baseball thingy, basketball games, movies

sunday - church.


4th - My birthday (18 days away)

Spring Break - Disney World

ohh and...

i love my friends. theyre the best!

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[12 Feb 2006|07:22pm]
[ mood | thinking about stuff... ]

Cinderella is now my favorite movie.

..Gotta love the Disney Channel.

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[08 Feb 2006|08:38pm]
[ mood | happy ]

church is awesome. people have really changed. like the song says...

It's amazing.
It's amazing.
It's amazing.
So much Love.

...i love it.

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[07 Feb 2006|05:31pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

...this made me laugh...

on this show, this girl hurt her nose and she was supposed to kiss this boy well, her really dorky friend told her to poke her lips out really far and she goes..."is this good?" and the girl takes her cheeks and pokes them out and goes...

hahah it made me laugh soooo hard!

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[26 Jan 2006|07:46pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hey guys! softball tryouts are monday! wish me luck! gah im so excited!!

and i think im going to DISNEY WORLD over spring break! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

school is going great! sydney has 4 100s a 96 a 94 and something else...cant remember it all...! but yeah...
i hope all of yall have a great weekend!
God Bless,

heres a song that me and davey wrote...
its called, "The Calling"

Standing at the Altar,
With breath-taking words and innocence,
He reads the life,the truth, the way.
And the Love is forever rising,
As he stands so strong ,
Reading verses in the light of the Lord.

standing in a crowd with hands lifted high
wondering what God could help me realize...
to his heart that has been broken,
may he find love in our maker, Jesus Christ.

And im calling out to you now,
Cause evertime i fall down,
I reach out to you.
Raise you hands with me now,
Make me yearn for you oh God,
grasp the words and read out,
let all know the way,
Hold me now, let me stay.

Youre the giver of life,
You spread out Your arms over us,
this is coming straight from my heart,
To the Savior of all.

And this is the end,
The last chance youve got,
Lift your hands high,
And reach out to Him.

O God your present so strong,
Im held by Your loving embrace.
Keep me here now and lets walk through
All the times ive been here with You...

what do you think??

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[21 Jan 2006|09:04pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

D Now was absolutely incredible! no words can describe how amazing this weekend was. charlie hall is like...awesome. his songs/lyrics are so powerful. but like i said, no words can describe it.

ohh yeah! and happpppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy birthday to the 2 coolest people that i know...JARED AND JORDAN MITCHELL!

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[16 Jan 2006|12:07pm]
[ mood | happy ]

well, im into my new house! i love it!! this past week has been soooooo busy! moving is such a pain in the rear! but we are finally in and its great!

its time for softball again! workouts are hard, but fun. and cheerleading is almost over =( but im really excited about tryouts though!
^yeah thats about it^

God Bless!!

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